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Publicate in 2021 (JCR 2020)

353. Moza, AC; Obiștioiu, D; Mastoraki-Lamprini, M; Nichita, I; Gros, RV; Mot, D; Bucur, I; Cristina, RT; Tirziu, E. The efficacy of two essential oils on Streptococcus pyogenes. Multidisciplinary Conference on Sustainable Development, 20-21 May 2021, Timisoara. Lucr. St. Med. Vet., Timisoara, 2021, LIV(3):97-104.


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WOS: 000713498000029


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Publicate in 2022 (JCR 2021)


375. Goilean, GV; Cristina, RT; Doma, AO; Dumitrescu, E; Mizeranschi, AE; Moruzi, RF; Degi, DM; Orasan, SA; Neamț, RI;  Muselin, F. Introduction of Mineral TS in a normal fertilization protocol and the influence on the fertility and levels of some bio-elements in cattle. Animal Husbandry and Fodder Production(UDC 636.085:577.11)2022, 104(4):32-38.


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doi: 10.26416/PV.38.4.2022.7276


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Publicate in 2023 (*JCR 2022)

395. Savici, J; Boldura, OM; Balta, C; Muselin, F; Mederle, N; Cristina, RT; Brezovan, D. Effects of Aronia melanocarpa and Hypericum perforatum aqueous extracts on hexavalent chromium induced toxicity in rat’s thyrocytes. J Trace Elem Med Biol. (JTEMB), (ISSN:0946-672X) (IF-3,995/Q2), online 11 March 2023, ID. 127151,



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WOS: 001014856100001


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doi: 10.26416/PV.40.2.2023.8097


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WOS: 001086094600012


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doi: 10.26416/PV.42.4.2023.8841


Publicate in 2024 (*JCR 2023)


414. Pătraşcu JM; Florescu, S; Silviu Brad, S; Andor, BC; Ilia I; Stănciugelu, SI; Cristina, RT. Magnetic resonance imaging combined with histological evaluation of repair process using the micro fracture technique in an association of osteocartilaginous and meniscal surgically induced lesions of the knee. In vivo experiment on a rabbit model. Rom J Morphol Embryol (ISSN: 2066–8279), (1,0/Q4), 2024, 65(1):89-97. 

doi: 10.47162/RJME.65.1.11 



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