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Publicate in 2020 (*JCR 2019)


330 (210)  Cristina, RT*; Kocsis, R; Tulcan, C; Alexa, E; Boldura, OM; Hulea CI; Dumitrescu, E; Radulov, i; Muselin, F. Protein structure of the venom in nine species of snake: from bio-compounds to possible healing agents. Braz J Med Biol Res(ISSN:1414-431X)(IF-2,023/Q3), 53(1):e9001, 7 pages.



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333Bucur, I; Dumitrescu, V; Imre, K; Herman, V; Nichita, I; Cristina, RT; Tîrziu, E. Research on the frequency of resistance phenotypes in bacterial strains isolated from chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica). Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 30(1):66-70.



334 (212). Mohamed, E; Bordean, DM; Radulov, I; Moruzi, RF; Hulea, IC; Orasan-Alic, S; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Herman, H; Brezovan, D; Hermenean, A; Cristina, RT*. Seabuckthorn and grape antioxidant effects in hyperlipidemic rats: relationship with the atorvastatin therapy. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ISSN:1741-427X) (IF-1,813/Q3), e-Collection 2020, Article ID1736803, pages 7.

Special issue: Natural products and tissue repair: identification, relevance and applicability



335Bagiu, RV; Sarac, I; Radu F; Cristina, RT; Butnariu, M; Bagiu, IC. Chemical Transformations of Synthetic Persistent Substances. In: Bhat R, Hakeem K, Saud Al-Saud N (Eds.) Bioremediation and Biotechnology, 3:65-103. Springer, Cham, 2020, (ISBN:978-3-030-46074-7; ISBN:978-3-030-46075-4).



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337. Stancu, A; Ghise, A; Pentea, M; Pasca, S; Carpinisan, L; Petcu, M; Degi, J; Berceanu-Vaduva, DM; Cristina, RT; Velimirovici, DE; Cristina, RT; Tulcan, C. Contributions regarding the use of immunohistochemical examination in parvovirosis. Revista de Chimie (ISSN:2668-8212) (IF-1,755/Q3), 2020, 71(7):491-496.




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339 (214). Savici, J; Cristina RT*; Brezovan, D; Radulov, I; Balta, C; Boldura, OM; Muselin, F. Aronia melanocarpa ameliorates adrenal cytoachitecture aginst the hexavalent chromium - induced injury. Biological Trace Element Research (ISSN:0163-4984)(IF-2,639/Q3), Epub 2020 Oct 01.


WOS: 000574325000002


340 (215). Doma, AO; Popescu, R; Mituletu, M; Muntean, D; Degi, J; Boldea MV; Radulov, I; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Puvaca, N; Cristina, RT*. Comparative evaluaion of qnrA, qnrB and qnrS genes in Enterobacteriaceae ciprofoxacin resistant cases, in swine units and a hospital from Western Romania. Antibiotics-Basel (ISSN:2079-6382)(IF-3,893/Q1), 2020, 9(10):698.




341 (216). Markovszky, AK; Danes, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Stancu, AC; Becskei, Z; Puvača, N; Cristina, RT*. The importance of professional based questionnaire in the dog’s acute and chronic pain evaluation. Journal of Hellenic Veterinary Medicine Society (ISSN:1792-2720)(IF-0,327/Q4), 2020.

Accepted for publication.



342 (217). Cristina, RT*; Kocsis, R; Degi, J; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Tirziu, E; Herman, V; Darau, A; Oprescu, I. Pathology and carriage of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: a study on 398 pet reptiles. Acta Veterinaria Hungarica (ISSN:0236-6290)(IF-0,991/Q3), 2020, 68(4):

Accepted for publication.


343 (218). Markovzky, AD; Weber, C; Biksi, O; Danes, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Tufarelli, V; Puvaca, N; Cristina, RT*. Is ECLIA serum cortisol concentration measurement, an accurate indicator of pain severity in dogs with locomotor pain? Animals (ISSN 2076-2615)(IF-2,323/Q1)




344 (219). Mohamed, EA; Tulcan, C; Alexa, E; Morar, D; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Radulov, I; Puvača, N; Cristina, RT*. Sea buckthorn and grape extract might be helpful sustainable phyto-resources as associated hypolipidemic agents - Preliminary study. Sustainability (ISSN:2071-1050)(IF-2,576/Q2), 2020, 12(21): 9297





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